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Royalty Calculator: Use below tool to estimate the unit cost and royalty on sales of your Free self published book.


Please note that, discount will be provided to all authors on Production Cost in case your book page counts increases 200 or else in case you made a order of 50+ copies. Please submit Publication Form to get exact Quotes: Submit Publication Form

Step 1: Enter details & calculate SSP



Step 2: Set MRP & Calculate Royalty



Taxes Extra as applicable. Royalty from distribution channels is less as compared to our store because of additional distribution charges are imposed there. Taxes Extra.

Note: Production cost is calcuated for b/w book printed on 70GSM paper with 250 GSM multicolor cover, perfect binding (Glue binding). Standard 5x8, 6x9 inch size books are best suited for ficiton, non-fiction and poetry genre. For Academic books with 100+ pages, size variants 8x11 are preferred.

Royalty to Authors is 100% of Net Profit for Indian, International and eBook Sales.

Direct Selling Link (India): We provide all books direct selling link, in which payment directly reaches to us avoiding any seller site distribution cost. Therefore, Net Royaty to Authors is calculated as:
Royalty = MRP - Production Cost - Taxes/ Others

Extended Distribution (India): We have partnership with distributors to sell your book on major Indian eCommerce sites like, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. They charges around 50% of MRP for distribution. Therefore, Net Royaty to Authors is calculated as:
Royalty = MRP - Distribution Cost - Production Cost - Taxes/ Others.

Extended Distribution (International & eBook): For International Distribution Aspect the book is made available to our print partners across countries, who manages printing and distribution of books across other partnered countries. The eBook is also made available and distributed globally to Amazon and Google Playstore channels. The 100% of net profit is shared with author for International Print Orders and eBook supply. We are unable to quote exact royalty from such sales on site because it varies from book to book and genre to genre. Once, the book is finalized, all pricing and royalty details are updated to authors' dashboards.

Author Copies Order: Authors are allowed to order copies of their book at an ease from their dashboard at its Production Cost. Shipping cost and 10% of order value (payment gateway charges & Taxes) are additional to such orders. The production of PoD books take 5-7 working days + Shipping time, so kindly manage to place your order at an early note, if you want to meet any deadline. Shipping is done by our standard courier partners (or by Express Parcel to areas not covered by Courier Partners).